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Brand image is important and one of the best ways to build a successful brand today is through a recognizable, unique, and fun logo. Whether you are designing a website, blog or ecommerce site, coming up with a visual design for your business, the logo provides a quick recognizable identification. It is something that businesses invest a lot of money, resources, and time into getting it right.

The only problem is that a lot of small businesses and individuals are working with tight budgets. They need other options, besides hiring an expensive logo maker. What they need is a free logo maker generator.

With a little bit of creativity, time, and effort, you can create an amazing logo without investing a single penny. If you don’t want to hire an expensive logo designer, you can take advantage of the free logo generator online to see what you can come up with on your own.

With different templates, as well as, power image-editor-style control, you will be surprised just how simple it is.

We are going to present you the best free logo maker generator tools you may consider:

  • The Free Logo Makers – This is a great tool if you need to design your logo and use it for online purposes only. This tool allows you create logos online for free, however, that’s not the full story. Even though it is free of charge to design, download, and use your new logo, you should know that there is a limited choice of formats and sizes. If you want to use larger vector versions, you will have to check the three premium packages. Regardless of what are you going to choose, you will start with one of the website’s hundreds of logo themes. You can search through the massive collection of themes available, choose one, and customize it according to your needs, style, and preference. The online editor is quite impressive, it gives you access to a lot of tools and helps you create a perfect, personalized logo.
  • Squarespace Logo Maker – A quick way to create your own unique, modern, and eye-catching logo is to take advantage of Squarespace Logo Maker. This tool has a strong focus on minimalist and simple design which is perfect if you are interested in something unique and eye-catching. After adding the text you want to use, you can customize the icons. There are a few options to play with which means you can create a great logo in just a few minutes.
  • Canva – This is one of the most popular logo maker generator tools on the market. It can offer you a huge choice of designs, as well as, drag-and-drop editor for customizing according to your needs. This tool is more than just creating logos, you can also use it to create posters, cards, banners, invitations, and much more. There is a huge selection of themes and designs to help you get started and you can make sure your creation will meet the needs by specifying the right dimensions at the start. The online editor makes it super easy to add graphics, customize images and text. If you are designing a logo for a group project or for your new business, you can collaborate so everyone can put their ideas forward.

Take advantage of these logo maker generator tools and design your new logo in less than 10 minutes! Have fun!


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